Through the years, as the unofficial photographer of family and friends’ functions, many times I heard that I had an “eye” for photography. The creative creature awoke and I decided to explore photography as an art; little did I know where this journey would take me. Lucky to have turned my passion into my livelihood; I breathe, I dream, I love photography!

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to witness those instances of sheer and pure joy in a groom's face when he sees his bride coming down the aisle, in a mother's expression when she holds her baby near, or in a father's smirk as he watches his kids playing in the sand. Through my lens I can capture them forever.

Most of my images are candid with thought. We will be in this together; I’ll guide you, but won’t intrude. My goal is to please you and to fulfill your expectations.

I want to capture the perfect representation of you, but most important, your essence.